First appeal

Tarian Cymru: a message of thanks to you


Over the past weeks we as Tarian Cymru have raised over £91,000 in order to provide free PPE to health and care workers in Wales.

Over 200,000 items have been distributed to workers at over 200 different organisations around Wales.

We are distributing the last pieces of PPE and the GoFundMe page is now closed.

Thank you so much for all your support, your ideas, your enthusiasm, and for giving your time and money to help us!

We would like to thank all the businesses that have helped us to raise money. And also to everyone who has donated directly and has raised money by events and challenges. Thank you to every musician and artist. Your contribution has saved lives in Wales.

A heartfelt thank you goes to all our volunteers, so many people have given up their time to help during the crisis. Some have been phoning healthcare workers, some fundraising, some driving all over Wales and others doing admin work and organising. It’s been a great journey and we are very grateful for every one of you. Here are a few photos of the people you have helped. 😀

Don’t forget about our new venture in helping our neighbours across the world to fight the virus: Ni Yw Y Byd.

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