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Covid-19 is one crisis among many in Yemen


This month Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd are raising money to support Tearfund’s work in Yemen.

The truth is Covid is one threat and one crisis among many in this country.

Although the situation is slowly improving in Wales, Covid remains a huge threat to many communities around the world and we believe as the organisers of Tarian Cymru that we should continue to respond to the threat facing these communities – the Yemen people need our support.

Go to the fundraising page for more details

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Y Cwt Lleuad / The Moon Hut – bidding open now (as seen on S4C)


Y Cwt Lleuad / The Moon Hut

Highest bid: £1150.00

This is your chance to own Y Cwt Lleuad (The Moon Hut), a unique cabin designed and built by designer Gwyn Eiddior especially for S4C’s Lle Bach Mawr TV programme.

The hut has been converted from a garden shed and transformed into a quaint little cabin, the perfect place to relax in your garden while gazing at the moon, stars and planets in the night sky, or to have a break during the day.

Inspired by the shape and shape of lunar vehicle Neil Armstrong and his moon landing crew, for the first time this is your personal space centre in your garden! A place for the children to play and imagine themselves as astronauts in the milky way, or a quiet place for adults to relax after a hard day.

As well as winning the cabin itself, we will also arrange to have it built in your garden.

The details

The cabin is made of wood, including a modified flat-pack garden shed with a clear plastic roof, set on a platform of bespoke wooden decking above the floor. The whole structure is mounted on wooden legs that can be raised on flat or uneven ground. The cabin can be retrofitted on legs up to 1.2m / 4ft from the floor, however we can place it much closer to the ground if needed, e.g. so that young children can use the cabin safely.

The cabin itself is;

Width – 2.4mtr / 8ft
Depth – 1.8mft / 6ft
Height – 2.4mtr / 8ft

With the Decking Platform and stairs;

Width – 2.7mtr / 9ft
Depth [without stairs] 3.7mtr / 12ft
Depth [with steps] – 4.5mtr / 15ft
Height – up to 3.7 mtr / 12ft

The cabin has a door, 3 windows and a clear corrugated acrylic roof.

Y Cwt Lleuad does not include the furniture and lighting you will find in this episode of Lle Bach Mawr, but Gwyn Eiddior can give advice and how to decorate it and where to buy lights and decorations.

Once Gwyn Eiddior has arranged to install Y Cwt Lleuad and ensure that this is done securely and securely it will be the purchaser’s responsibility to maintain the cabin [including handling and protecting the timber] and ensure the safety of the structure.

Removal and installation costs

As well as the value of the ‘winning bid’ there will be an additional charge for the costs of moving the cabin. There is a charge of 80p per mile from Garndolbenmaen to the new location of Y Cwt Lleuad.

Alternatively if you have the means to collect the hut yourself from Garndolbenmaen we can arrange this.

The cause

The cost of the hut will be given entirely to Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd – helping communities around the world in the time of Covid.


Highest bid: £1150.00

Email your bid to

The winner will be the person with the highest bid (as long as this is higher than the reserve price) on:
Monday 24th August 2020 at 7PM.

That is the closing time and date. No bids after that will be considered. Pob lwc!

Ni Yw Y Byd

Tarian Cymru launch Ni Yw Y Byd


Following the success of Tarian Cymru’s fundraising appeal, we’re launching a new appeal; Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw y Byd.

Through a variety of activites, so far, Tarian Cymru have raised over £91,000 in order to provide free PPE to health and care workers in Wales.

Coronavirus has affected us all in Wales. Tarian Cymru are also aware that coronavirus is a threat to our neighbours’ health across the world and we believe we need to respond to this threat at once.

The purpose of Ni Yw Y Byd is to raise money and support international aid to tackle Coronvirus within these communities. This month we will be raising money for the Rohingya refugees who live in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh.

About 850,000 people live in the camp. Living in a refugee camp is already challenging at the best of times. Camps are overcrowded and lack proper hygiene which increases the potential for the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Already this community is struggling for clean water, food and hygiene care.

By supporting Ni Yw Y Byd we will be supporting Christian Aid and their partners who are working to help stop the spread of the virus.

Our money will support them to:

  • Raise awareness of the virus and share hygiene messages to people in the camps in their local Rohingya languages. They are doing the same with the host communities through community volunteers and religious leaders and are also using posters and sharing messages using megaphones.
  • Help doctors in the camps receive training so they can treat infected people and train other doctors in health facilities.
  • Conduct door-to-door handwashing training sessions.
  • Christian Aid expects to train 85-100 healthcare staff on infection, prevention and disease control. They’re also ensuring healthcare staff are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) and that handwashing stations are available at the entrances to 10 health facilities.
  • In addition, they will build additional handwashing stations throughout the camps, and distribute hygiene kits (containing antiseptic liquid and soap) to 50,000 people.

Our aim is to support international aid in other countries over the next months.

(See also: What has happened to Tarian Cymru’s original appeal?)


Coronavirus affects us all. We need to respond at once to help our neighbours across the world.

Donate here: help Rohingya people in Bangladesh