Do a sponsored challenge to support Tarian Cymru: a guide


The Tarian Cymru appeal always needs people like you to take initiative and raise more money.

Accomplishing a challenge is a fun way to support.

Every penny you raise is used for the humanitarian work.

Here’s a guide on how to organise a challenge or stunt for Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd and invite friends and family to sponsor you.

Pick a challenge

Pick your challenge, activity, or stunt! Ideally it would be something:

  • you want to do
  • you can do
  • you haven’t done before
  • which inspires friends and family to sponsor you
  • Safe

Some supporters do a challenge as a team and others choose to accomplish one individually.

Here are some examples of challenges people did for the first Tarian Cymru appeal:

  • virtual cycle ride on an exercise bike
  • head shave
  • virtual group journey – walk, cycle and run
  • taking photos of the community

Why would I want a fundraising page?

We recommend you create a new page on the web for your fundraising.

This is your home for fundraising, and you’ll need to direct people to the page often. It’ll be a place to present your challenge and your target total, take card payments from sponsors, and share updates.

The money will go to the charities automatically through the JustGiving system. You don’t need to handle the money at all.

Otherwise there is the central page for Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd, and you have the option of asking people to contribute directly there. The disadvantage is that the information there is more general. You ideally need somewhere specific to talk about your challenge and target!

Create your page

Before doing anything you should check if there is a suitable page already. For instance if you’re taking part in a group activity then there may already be a page.

Here’s a list of all the pages which support Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd.

If you’re sure you want to create a page, then:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Join the team”
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Set a target. It should be something achievable. You can always increase the target when it’s been met.

Describe the challenge you’re intending to do, and when.

Share a couple of pictures. The ‘show’ is just as important as the ‘tell’. Don’t be shy!

State clearly that all money will go to the Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd appeal.

Put the Tarian Cymru web address for more info.

Get sponsors!

You will need to promote your challenge to friends, family, comrades, colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-teachers, ex-exes, fellow team members, choristers, and others!

Choose a couple of individuals who are close to you. Ask them to contribute money straightaway – if possible. It’s much easier to promote an appeal with a little bit in the ‘hat’ already. The first pound is the biggest step… every subsequent one is easier!

Online is an effective way to reach people:

  • Post on any and all social platforms like your Facebook profile, Twitter account, Instagram account, and so on. Video and photos are great ways to get attention.
  • On Facebook you should consider creating an event or group for your challenge, and then inviting loads of people. Note that an event or group is best – it’s harder to reach people with a Facebook brand page.
  • Share your message in WhatsApp groups.
  • Email friends and family.
  • Some workplaces have a message board, intranet or channel of some kind. If you don’t know how to share a message about your challenge, ask the person who manages the system if it’s possible to share it.

Remember these methods of reaching people:

  • Phoning people
  • An item in your local village newsletter or notice board
  • Newsletter of your choir, sports team, faith community
  • Politely ask somebody influential or famous to share the message

It’s OK to reach the same person through different means. Some supporters will contribute after seeing the message more than once.

JustGiving accepts popularly-used payment cards. If somebody wants to sponsor you outside of JustGiving then there isn’t an easy way of dealing with that unfortunately, but they can pay directly to Christian Aid.

Here’s a picture of a cyclist (for illustrative purposes only)

The activity

Take lots of photos of the challenge. Share the photos online, while it’s in progress. If necessary, ask somebody in your household to help with this.

You can live stream your challenge through Facebook, Instagram, or another service – if you think it’s interesting enough to watch!

You can continue to raise money after completing the challenge too.

Remember to say thanks to sponsors.

Thank you for supporting Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd! Pob lwc!

Important safety message

You are responsible for your safety and health during the challenge.

Choose something which is safe which allows you to follow the best advice on virus risk, and the law.

Don’t do anything which breaks rules on social distancing or any other laws.

Tarian Cymru: Ni Yw Y Byd is not responsible for what happens as a result of your activities.

Note that the lock-down restrictions have inspired plenty of good ideas, like virtual journeys.