For health and care workers


Dear health and care workers

Thank you for everything you are doing for people and communities in the crisis.

Here is a form for you to submit your PPE requirements and contact details.

Before using the form please note

  • This is form is for:
    • care workers in Wales
    • health workers in NHS Wales
    • workers in the homeless sector in Wales
  • We are unable to accept enquiries for protective equipment for any other project or intent outside these categories. Sorry.
  • We try to respond to real need. Therefore we can only provide to sites where equipment levels are low or non-existent. It’s not possible to increase stock that already exists.
  • This is a form to note your needs. Unfortunately we can’t promise to provide equipment according to your request every time. We’ll do our best with the information!

If you’d like to contribute money instead please visit the crowdfunding page. We will accept a contribution from anybody who wants to help health workers in Wales.



Unfortunately Tarian Cymru cannot offer advice on which choices of equipment are appropriate or safe for your situation. We have offered the Resources below for interesting links, but please note that neither Tarian Cymru nor its partners nor suppliers can be held responsible for the choices of equipment or other decisions that you make.